Should You Buy an Exercise Bike or Treadmill?

By Ron Higgins

In many home gyms, you will notice the stationary bikes and the treadmills having their fair share of fans. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, thus their almost - emphasis on almost - equal popularity. But, which one should you choose for your home gym?

Keeping on Track with your Exercise Regiment

One of the main dilemmas of trying to do your exercises at home is keeping on top of the exercise regiment. It's fairly obvious to see why, as there are no personal trainers to provide support, direction and inspiration as well as other gym rats to talk with. In short, you may just fall prey to the clutches of boredom.

Why don't we look at how much fun you'll have on each of these machines? On a treadmill, you can only walk and run, two actions that you perform in the typical course of activities and that perhaps will not be as exciting. Of course, you are able to alter the speed and the incline on a treadmill but still, it may not be as fun as you want for your exercise routine.

You can help prevent boredom on a stationary bike, by doing different activities during your workout. You are comfortably seated, making it easy for reading your favorite book, watching television shows, listening to music and even watching the things happening all around, due to the fact that you are not bouncing on your feet. Now, contrast that with jogging on a treadmill. Because an exercise bike offers you the chance to do other activities to keep you interested, there's less of a chance that you'll get bored and give up on your routine.

Wave Goodbye to Calories

It's true that studies have recognized that the treadmill burns more calories than the stationary bike with all other things being equal. Typically working on the treadmill sheds 750 calories each hour while the stationary bike only sheds 550 calories.

Should you choose a treadmill then, because you burn more calories per hour? Well, not necessarily as these stats are just one piece of the total equation.

If you cannot work out on the treadmill as much as you will want to work out on the exercise bike, then it is easy to understand that the bike will give you more opportunities to burn calories. And so, the exercise bike is triumphant yet again.

A Comparison in Safety

This is perhaps the most important comparison purely because you exercise to achieve a better body, not one that is injured from exercise itself. With this comparison also, the exercise bike wins over the treadmill in the safety of usage area for two reasons.

First, the stationary bike is a very low-impact exercise compared to the high-impact workout of the treadmill. This is because your feet continually come into hard contact with the floor of the treadmill while in the stationary bike, your feet don't move from the pedals. Second, you are more susceptible to falling off the treadmill than on a stationary bike. You do have to maintain your balance on a treadmill at all times. - 30552

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Advice That Should Help You When Long Distance Running

By Jordan Thomas

I try to go running as often as I can, and I really like going far. Not only am I burning calories this way, but I'm strengthening my heart and I'm disciplining myself from all of the hard work that goes into the activity.

Based on my experience, there are some things that I've picked up along the way. All of these tidbits really help to make my runs easier to complete, especially when I'm running long distances. I hope you find these as useful as I do.

I can't say enough about the impact that food and drink will have on your ability to run. It's critical to have the right balance of food and water in your system before you set off on your run.

Not eating prior to a run is dangerous. Not only can you grow lightheaded, but there are other health risks that come with the territory. The same goes for water intake, as the last thing you want to be is dehydrated while you're running. On the same note, don't overdo either one of these two things.

I always like to have my headphones on while I run. A nice soundtrack can give me an instant burst of energy.

There are psychological benefits to this approach. Namely, it serves as a distraction that helps to pass the time more quickly.

As far as time of day is concerned, everyone will have a different preference here. Still, you should do what feels best.

Others can only do it once the day is done, as they get a new burst of energy during the later hours of the night. Then, there are those who like to break up their day with a mid day challenge.

Try putting this advice to use and I'm sure you'll benefit from it. - 30552

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Cardio Equipment, Whats Right For You

By Rick Ziletti

There are several different pieces of cardio equipment out there that can help you meet your fitness goals. But which one do you choose? Meeting your goals and doing it safely are the primary criteria when choosing your fat killer. In this article I will focus on the big three. The treadmill, stationary bike and the elliptical machine.

Whats the first thing that pops in your head when someone mentions the word workout? The first thing that comes to my mind is big heavy iron plates thrown about with ease; by huge men in shirts that look to small for them. The second thing is the treadmill! The treadmill has been used and abused for many years. It is an excellent machine to help melt the fat from your body, if you can handle the high impact jarring of your back and joints. Severely obese people and those with certain physical limitations will have an extremely tough time using this piece of equipment. A slow walk at 0% incline would probably lead to a minimum of safety and pain issues; but would also lead to minimum progress towards your goals. After all, the main goal of a cardio workout is to get your heart rate up and maintain it for a desired amount of time.

That being said, the obvious way to get more out of your treadmill workout is to increase your speed and or incline. First start out at a slow jog and increase the pace as your body gets used to the more strenuous exercise. Then when you think you are ready to run in the Boston marathon, crank up the incline! Running or jogging on a treadmill are excellent ways to get to your target heart rate and trigger the fat burning process. But what about those people with the physical limitations we talked about earlier? Back and joint problems will severely limit your use of the treadmill; but never fear, there are more options. They may not be 100% pain-free but they are definitely easier on the body.

Whoever thought you could sit on your bum and burn fat. This is were cycling comes in. The stationary bike has probably been around longer than the treadmill. You can get all the benefits from a stationary bike as you can from a regular bike but; without the danger of getting a shoelace caught in the chain and turning you for a flip. Cycling is more beneficial than using a treadmill because of the low impact nature of the exercise. Although you do not have the abuse on your back and joints associated with jogging or running, some people still find it an uncomfortable endeavor.

This brings us to the last piece of equipment we will review in this article. The elliptical machine. This is probably my favorite out of the three. It plays really nice with your back and joints and actually gets more body parts involved if you get on one with the moving handles. It is a very versatile machine as you can adjust ramp, resistance and speed. The risk of injury is almost non existent. For a super low impact, fat burning workout, the elliptical is my top choice. - 30552

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The Best Available Sprint Triathlon Training

By Shamaz Nixolai

Since the Ironman triathlon was born in the late 1970's, the game of triathlon has captivated folk around the world. People who embrace the sport just because they realize it is "doable" for them and provides a rare opportunity to accomplish something really special. What folks find the most appealing, is the fact that it isn't necessary to be a "super athlete" in order to take part in a triathlon. More than any sport in the world, triathlon has ended in many folks gaining a level of fitness they never thought possible .

Naturally not many are prepared to jump into an Ironman Triathlon. Particularly when you look at what the event involves. An Ironman consists of a 2.2 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, and a full 26.2 mile marathon. When you factor in that just doing a marathon is a superb achievement for many individuals, it puts into perspective just how special Ironman sportsmen are.

Many people make health goals to help them reach their optimal level of health. For those who like to jog, there are plenty of marathons to train for. But if you are looking for over just running, you need to consider training for a triathlon. Triathlons are endurance races that consist of running, biking, and swimming.

If you're looking to give your body the final test of endurance, triathlons are good for you. Some people are bored by the idea of running for miles and miles like in a marathon, so competing in this type of event is sweet to keep you focused and inquisitive about your task to hand. Additionally, because triathlons are composed from three different modes of travel ( and exercise ), they work multiple different muscle collections in your body.

Triathlons start with swimming, then transition to biking, then finish with running. Competitors are timed on the whole amount of time that it takes for them to complete the race, including the transitions between. There are typically volunteers and race coordinators manning the transition stations so that they can watch over bikes, attire, or other appliances that someone may need to complete the subsequent stage of the race.

For some who are not exactly professional sportsmen, the idea of training for a triathlon is right up there with the idea of hooking up with either Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt - it's just another fantasy, another dream that will never occur. In fact, meeting Angie or Brad is perhaps always going to be a fantasy, but coaching for a triathlon is something that's basically in your grasp, regardless of what your present physical capabilities.

As an interesting point, many who constantly compete in triathlons started out being as inactive as the next person, or were one of the those that went to the gym only sporadically. Very few were the types who have been training for a triathlon for many years ; they loved the process and the contest such a lot that they stuck with it and simply got in better shape as time went on.

So for you, if you have an interest in training for a triathlon, how do you get started? What if you are very physically inactive or have never competed before? Whatever your physical condition, you can still be a successful competitor if you train properly.

The real secret to successful coaching is to begin gently and to work your way up to an event. Join a gymnasium with a pool and exercise equipment so that you can swim, bike and run in one visit and time yourself as you do. Keep track of your endurance and when you appear to run out of steam. Many who start out training for a triathlon find that they have to either bulk up their calf muscles for the biking and running or improve their upper body for the swimming. Some however find that they need to simply shed the pounds overall so they can increase their aerobic activity and endurance.

For either of these goals, you need to start small and raise your weight lifting or aerobic activity slowly. If you push yourself too hard when coaching for a triathlon, you can get discouraged quickly and even hurt yourself. As with any other weight lifting, you need to test yourself but steady is also critical. Maybe one of the most important things in triathlon to think about is pacing - if you can not pace yourself properly between the three legs of the race, you'll find it hard to finish! The swim should be a warm-up to the bike ride and the ride a fairly hard effort leading into the run - where you may give it everything you were given. Naturally, this depends if you are doing a sprint distance, Olympic distance, or up to the full ironman distance. - 30552

Something To Think About: Tips To Stay Motivated While Running

By Arthur Andrews

Getting up off the couch and starting an exercise routine is very hard, especially if there is no motivation. Professionals often suggest a few tips to stay motivated while running. These tips are used by many people that continue to work hard at their exercise routine.

Taking advantage of the advice will keep the motivation in just about any workout. One way is to look at the benefits of staying active. This helps the body and the mind, especially in the winter months.

One of the great benefits to running is that it assists in staying in shape. It works the lungs and heart, making them stronger and less prone to weakness. It can also build muscle while burning fat. A running routine will keep you in shape once you reach your fitness goals.

The activity of running can really help you shed weight. It builds muscle as well as burns fat, giving the runner a boost in losing pounds. It is important to keep the routine light until the body and organs can adjust to the extra strain. In the long run, if the routine is followed, the runner can add on extra time and faster speeds to the routine.

Many people listen to music while they run. Doing this allows you to stay upbeat, and therefore will help you keep going. Some music is more motivational than others. Listening to upbeat music while you run can be a great way to keep yourself motivated to keep on going.

Set goals for the run. Know how far you are going to run before you take off. This is a way to keep an eye on the finish line. This is another way many people stay motivated during a stroll or a jog. This goal can be increased the more you do the routine, but remember to set reasonable goals that can be reached. If you do not reach your goal, why even bother.

There are motivational tools that you can discuss with professionals or even your doctor. Running can be done all year long and provides a way for you to not only lose weight, but to keep your heart and lungs healthy. For more tips to stay motivated while running, do a little research or talk to your doctor. - 30552

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Seeking Inexpensive Treadmills

By Victoria Moore

Treadmills are not a new invention by any means. They replaced the exercise bike long ago as the primary device for weight loss and cardiovascular improvement. Even though they are a very effective means of improving ones health, many people seem to have concerns when it comes to investing in one. What is the main cause for concern when investing in treadmills? For many people the cost is the main issue, with quality being a close second. Since some of today's treadmills are rather expensive, many people start looking for less expensive options. Naturally, this raises a few questions about the value of less expensive treadmills.

Buying low cost treadmills is a good option for people that are on a tight budget, but they wonder if these models will be able to deliver a workout good enough to improve their health and lose weight. Truthfully, the answer will rely largely on the particular type of treadmill that's being considered. There are some low cost treadmills that are very effective because they are made by a company that is known for manufacturing quality products. However, there are also those treadmills that are inexpensive, but lack the quality that's needed to deliver good results.

Honestly, if you are performing a low intensity workout on treadmills, you will find out that you probably will not need a more expensive model. The gears of the treadmill will not be impacted too severely when you are not working out on the treadmills in a high intensity manner. Low intensity delivers less friction on the gears which means they will last longer. So, those seeking treadmills can keep this in mind when exploring the various models available on the market.

However, if you are planning to do high intensity aerobic or anaerobic workouts, you would be better served by one of higher quality, more expensive models. There are some treadmills that are specifically manufactured with this sort of workout in mind and are able to efficiently handle the stress these workouts impose on a treadmill. When a treadmill is used for running at high rates of speed, over time the gears will be affected. For those people that plan on doing high intensity workouts, treadmills that are higher quality are recommended. The higher price tag will be well worth it in the end.

Does this mean that all inexpensive treadmills can't hold up under stress? Not necessarily. There are a number of viable low cost treadmills on the market that are able to effectively handle the higher intensity workouts. The best way to find a treadmill that meets your workout and budget needs is to explore detailed reviews of the various models of treadmills. This will help you make the right buying decision for your specific needs. By taking your time when comparing treadmills, you will never experience any buyers' remorse after the purchase.

Treadmills can yield excellent weight loss and cardiovascular improvement results. All you need to do is find the right model for your needs and budgets and you will be well on your way to a healthier life. Now, doesn't that sound like an excellent plan? - 30552

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Those Who Are New To The World Of Jogging

By Melissa Goodwich

If you are here then you are more than likely looking for information on jogging that is aimed towards the beginner. Jogging can be a great way to get into shape, but if you are new to this there are some tips that you should follow.

The first step you should take is to get some jogging shoes. Running shoes are designed for the runner and to take the stress and impact from running. By having the proper running shoes you will greatly reduce the chances of injury.

Stay hydrated, this is extremely important as you do not want to all of a sudden pass out in the middle of a run. If you are consuming 64 ounces of water per day you shouldn't have to worry about getting dehydrated in the middle of a jog.

Stretching is very important for beginners, and advanced runners. Pay special attention to the calves, as if you do not get your calves tightly stretched and loose,you could suffer from shin splints. I stretch for at least 5 minutes before my jogs and 5 minutes after.

Find a place for you to jog. I would not recommend starting on treadmills as they can put extra stress on your joints that you do not need. I would try and find a trail or a nice path to jog along. If their is a park near your home that would be a good place to start.

Start off slow. If you are just beginning jogging you may want to start with only 1 mile. Keep a slow pace and you can gradually increase your speed as you get more in shape.

For the beginner I would jog 2-3 times a week, keeping it between 1-2 miles. The fourth week I would take off completely to give your legs plenty of time to heal. Then the 5th week you could increase the distance you run to something more comfortable.

Tracking your progress is a vital part of jogging. If you do not track your progress how will you know you are improving. If you have a GPS such as a Garmin this will help determine exactly how far you are jogging. Stay with it and before you know it you will be jogging 4 miles or more in no time.

Take these tips and use them and you should be fine when it comes to jogging. With the right diet and exercise program, combined with jogging you have the potential to get into excellent shape, health, and you will overall feel great. - 30552

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